Qa-31, 20 July 2021, Statement Of The Spokesperson Of Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Tanju Bilgiç In Response To A Question Regarding The Statement Of The Eu High Representative Josep Borrell

Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 21.07.2021

The statement of the Vice President and High Representative of the EU Commission, Josep Borrell, following President Erdoğan's visit to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is a new proof of how disconnected the EU is from the realities regarding Cyprus.

This statement, made solely for the sake of EU solidarity and which is null and void for us, does not go beyond serving as the spokesperson and advocate of the Greek Cypriot Administration and Greece, which abuse their veto right within the EU. With this attitude, it is not possible for the EU to play any positive role in reaching a settlement to the Cyprus issue.

We fully support the decisions taken by the TRNC authorities on Maraş. These decisions are aimed at protecting the rights of property owners in Maraş as well.

As President Erdoğan has also stated that these decisions would not cause new grievances, but would eliminate the old ones.

On this occasion, we invite the EU once again to notice the realities on the Island and to end its policy of ignoring the Turkish Cypriots and their inherent rights.


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