Qa-30, 20 July 2021, Statement Of The Spokesperson Of The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Tanju Bilgiç In Response To A Question Regarding The Meeting Of French President Macron With The Members Of The So-called “syria Democratic Council” Led By Pyd/ypg, The Offshoot Of Pkk Terrorist Organization In Syria

Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 20.07.2021

We condemn the meeting of French President Emmanuel Macron with the members of the so-called “Syria Democratic Council” led by PYD/YPG, the offshoot of PKK terrorist organization in Syria.

Despite all our calls, ongoing relation of France with this separatist bloody handed terrorist organization and its affiliates undermines Turkey’s national security as well as the efforts to ensure regional stability and to preserve political unity and territorial integrity of Syria.

We also remind the French and international public opinion the facts that this organization suppressed with violent and bloody methods peaceful demonstrations of youngsters refusing to be recruited, shelled civilian targets such as Afrin hospital, attacked Syrian civilians including children and tortured detainees to death.

We reiterate once more that Turkey will resolutely continue its fight against this terrorist organization and its affiliates everywhere.


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