Turkish Ministry Of Food, Agriculture And Livestock Has Provided The Relevant Information With Regard To The Import Requirements For Fully Processed, Partially Processed And Raw Bovine Hides And Sheep And Goat Skins.

Pretorya Büyükelçiliği 24.01.2013
Information with regard to the import requirements for bovine hides, sheep and goat skins from South Africa to Turkey:   Following the lifting of the ban on the importation of animal products from South Africa to Turkey and upon the request of the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Turkish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock has provided the relevant information with regard to the import requirements for fully processed, partially processed and raw bovine hides and sheep and goat skins.   Due to foot and mouth disease seen in Mpumalanga and Kruger National Park, bovine hides and animal skins preserved by pickle or by a higher level of processing may be exported to Turkey. Bovine hides and animal skins not processed in the foregoing manner must either be salted with marine salt containing 2 per cent sodium carbonate for at least 28 days or dried for at least 42 days at a minimum temperature of 20o Centigrade   Bovine hides and animal skins originating from the remainder of the territories are not required to be treated in the foregoing manner to be able to be dispatched to Turkey. Nevertheless, Turkish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock retains the right to impose necessary precautions in case of an outburst of a disease which constitutes a risk.  

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